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The PPL Member/Label Search facility is designed for use primarily by PPL's licensees to check the identity of PPL's Record Company Members and their respective labels. You can also download a Schedule of all PPL's Record Company Members and their respective labels by clicking on the XLS icon above.
In addition PPL has a network of agreements with certain Collective Management Organisations (CMO) in other countries. The PPL Member/Label Search facility can also be used to check which labels may be covered by virtue of such arrangements (as compared to labels associated with a direct PPL Record Company Member). PPL will typically control a more limited scope of rights for such labels represented by CMOs. PPL does not always receive label information from CMOs and therefore label information will not always show in search results based on CMO Source information. Please contact PPL with any queries regarding using CMO repertoire.

PPL endeavours to keep the information provided in this service up-to-date and accurate. However, the information provided is based on information PPL receives from its Record Company Members and CMOs and this service is therefore intended as a general guide only. Information provided via the PPL Member/Label Search and supporting Schedule will naturally be subject to change from time to time (for instance due to company name changes and label rebranding). In addition, there may be record companies or labels that are not PPL members but which have identical or similar names to those listed in the schedule. In the event of any doubt concerning the details on the PPL Member/Label Search facility or Schedule, PPL suggests that users raise these queries with PPL directly at tvbroadcasting@ppluk.com
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