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PPL Repertoire Search
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The PPL Repertoire Search facility is designed for use primarily by PPL's licensees to search PPL's repertoire database for track information.

The information displayed in search results is based on information PPL receives from its members and this service is therefore intended as a general guide only. Although PPL endeavours to keep the information provided in this service up-to-date and accurate, information provided by the service will not necessarily be a representation of all repertoire controlled by PPL. The recording rightsholder displayed relates to public performance and broadcast rights only. The results are not indicative of any other uses for which that repertoire can be licensed by PPL - or the PPL member that is the recording rightsholder for the purpose of those other uses. If in doubt please contact PPL for further assistance. There is a maximum number of results that can be returned for any single search.

By clicking "search" you are acknowledging and accepting the conditions of use (which are subject to English law and jurisdiction) detailed here.

e.g. GBAAA0500002
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